Board of Commissioners

Combining decades of professional experience and in depth academic knowledge to guide the directions of BILINE Group, The BILINE Holdings Board of Commissioners consist of top senior people to give the best advise in growing the company towards the vision of excellence service for respective clients.

Nani Koespriani

Ir. Nani Koespriani, MBA.

With decades of experience being a director and commissioner at multiple corporation such as PPM Manajemen, PT. Surya Citra Televisi, PT. Televisi Transformasi Indonesia, PT. Agung Concern to name a few, Nani Koespriani joined BILINE Group to revitalise the business and take it to another level.

Devi Femina

Devi Femina, S.E, MBA, Ph.D

Having a combination of national and international experiences in the academic world as well as the professional world, Devi Femina brought a unique and broad new point of view to expand BILINE Group businesses in order to compete internationally


Board of Directors

Energetic, dynamic and committed individuals with perseverance are the core of BILINE Groups Board of Directors. All of our young brilliant directors lead the team with a sharp entrepreneurial attitude to evoke the best performance in their specific expertise.