BILINE Holdings

Lines of Partnerships to Create The Future

At BILINE Holdings, we believe that all ideas are up to something, so we never close our doors to new ideas and opportunities. In this era where competition is at its peak and innovation is the key to enhance business, we stand in the belief that there are many ways of becoming the front runner of answering what the clients’ and public required without forgetting empathy. We are obsessed with changes for the better and we are always ready to embrace it.

BILINE Holdings first started with only one company, BILINE Dev, which specialized in developing mobile application and website, basically a one-stop solution for all of your IT service. As time goes by, we met different people from different  backgrounds that have the same vision and values with us. We see this as an opportunity for us to grow and evolve. Slowly, different companies were built with the main purpose of providing the best solution for the people.

We have served different companies from different industries. From creative agencies to universities, from banking to government institutions – we always aim to create the best solution for a sustainable result, not just a one wonder hit.

The Values


A word that many people have used and heard, however only a few really understand and accept to take responsibility in every action.

We help our clients to reflect to all matter from another perspective, the responsible point of view.

Experience the result of the new perspective and action based on responsibility that happen in life.


We commit not only to the program, but also to our clients, for them to commit to their goals and life. We believe that a commitment is one of the drive to move you closer to your goals.

Without the commitment from us and you, there will not be any progress and changes.


Without curiosity, there will never be any any new discovery. We always remind ourselves to always stay curious, to always ask and to never seek new things. With curiosity, new doors will open and chances to learn and grow will arise.


We always open our doors to everyone’s idea and who are up to be challenged. We believe that creativity is the fuel for any businesses and therefore need to be supported with a great support system. With creativity comes innovation, as well as greater responsibility.

The Logo

Hexagon & Two Lines

The hexagon were inspired by the bee hive where they work and feel at home. We see BILINE as a home in which we strive for hard work and collective team work in achieving excellent result for out clients. Bees also help flowers in pollination to create fruits after a process of hard work.

Bi-Line or two lines symbolise partnerships internally and externally. We see everyone as an equal partner that walk side-by-side to the future towards a common vision.

The Colors

BILINE Group uses the colors of the chakra for each subsidiaries, and each color represent different meaning and phylosophy for the specific entity.

As a group, the holding company uses monochromatic black, grey, and white as our tone symbolizing the neutrality to expand and manage all industries.